How old are you, where are you from?
Im 16, born and raised in brooklyn nyc.

What is your disability?
I have a spinal cord injury at the L4 vertebrae.

Are you still in the hospital?
Nope! I've been out for over a year now.

What are your hobbies and interests? 
i am a drummer and an artist. i am an avid sketch book keeper. i really like marching bands. i love social activism and helping people.

What/who inspires you? mark di suvero, nicki minaj, frida kahlo, my mom, my step mom, art, the brooklyn museum, union square and the people i see in union square.

Do you feel that there is a lack of education on how to treat people with disabilities? 
yes! I have been trying to educate myself more on the concept of privilege and I am learning about the privilege I have that I didn't know I had before but I am also learning a lot about able bodied privilege. This is something completely not addressed anywhere and needs to be talked about hella soon.

Does you disability interfere with your confidence? 
It used to. Now I pride myself as being one of the most body positive people I know. I think positively about my disability and feel very comfortable in my skin. 

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